4 Train

Train your team at the 2019 ERLC Caring Well Conference

Before your church begins to implement changes, it is important to ensure that your leaders are well trained on the issue of abuse. The fourth step in the challenge is to equip your Caring Well team through the 2019 ERLC Caring Well Conference on October 3-5, 2019 in Dallas.

Your team will have the opportunity to listen to survivors, learn from experts, and leave equipped with an understanding of the full spectrum of abuse issues. Everything about this conference is designed with the intent of equipping your Caring Well team.

This conference will also be available online, so travel will not be an obstacle for anyone wanting the training. Churches are also encourage to pursue additional training from state conventions, associations, and other partners.

The conference will equip your Caring Well team with the tools it needs to lead your church effectively through the Caring Well Challenge.

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